ICF Certified Associate Coach based in Lymington, Hampshire available in person or on video call

Neurodiversity Talk @ Lymington Community Centre is 1st October 24 October is ADHD Awareness month - pls contact me for bookings.

Mel Sims (me) was diagnosed with ADHD at 48, through Right to Choose. I wanted to document the process and my feelings, so I started to record the process and my thoughts in 3 min Podcasts and friends asked me to share them, to help others.

What my clients say

I booked 6 Coaching sessions with Mel and honestly had no idea what to expect. I started the sessions with high anxiety.

Now, I feel like my life has completely changed. 

I learnt so many things about myself that I never even realised affected me. I feel so much stronger emotionally than I have ever been before. Click to listen to my Podcast.

Mel’s down to earth approach to coaching immediately made me feel at ease, she forged a safe space from our very first conversation.

With Mel helping me to see things through a new lens, re-evaluate some of my lifestyle norms and expectations, and recognise my self-worth, I took a leap of faith, and as a result secured a fantastic career move which I honestly don’t believe that I would have been empowered enough to do myself.

Early Careers HR Partner

So with Mel, we’re on the same ADHD team. No excuses, no #impostersyndrome, no #masking, no #RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria – the paralysing fear that people don’t want you around, or are cross with you, so you avoid socialising and become reclusive).

I didn’t know what these were or that I even had them. Now I do, I can begin to work on getting past them. I’ve been helped to understand my ADHD much better. Thankyou.

ADHD Diagnosed Photographer

I had no idea how much Mel would be able to help me reorganise my thoughts, and become more focused.

Her own journey of ADHD meant she really understood what was holding me back in some areas, helping me to set boundaries and stop procrastinating. 

I would highly recommend working with Mel as a Coach.

Undiagnosed Strategic Pharma Marketeer

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