ICF Accredited Associate Coach

Hey there, I'm Mel Sims

I was diagnosed at 48 with ADHD through Right to Choose. I had always felt different but I was successful and popular, so how could I moan? I had burnt out 4 times. Turns out it was overwhelm. First one was at 13 when I was bullied and then again crashed at University in Sheffield and Zaragoza. So young… if only I had known!! The shame of being in the messy closet, makes you mad.

I became a Media Buyer at London Ad. Agencies in my 20’s, directed an Agency group and large staff teams in my 30’s – read here. I set up a successful under 5’s hospitality business as an entrepreneur with a baby in tow, in my 40’s and then Covid hit, so we had to close, 8 staff furloughed. I hated not working and soothed with vin blanc, so, very ADHD style, I solved that by throwing myself into developing a popular, low alcohol Gin.

Over Covid and with my new ADHD diagnosis and experience in Coaching my staff, I decided I wanted to be professionally qualified, to help adults and children with their emotional regulation, as well as those who were ‘different’.

I chose ICF as a professional body, which is the gold standard in International Coaching and finally I feel the most Authentic and Unmasked that I ever have. I am friendly, warm, direct and intuitive. Contact me for a FREE Discovery chat. 

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My favourite things are: Coldplay, Sea Swimming, Yoga, Spinach, Custard Slices, Green Clothes, No Fuss, Authenticity, Spanish, Sunshine, No shoes, Som Tum Salad