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Welcome to ACCESS TO WORK.

The Equality Act 2010 is a legal duty on employers to make reasonable adjustments for their disabled employees. Neurodiversity is included.
20% of adults are estimated to be Neurodiverse.

I am one of the video stories on the brilliant resource UNVAELD  , a professional hub designed to REDEFINE NORMAL in the workplace. Please have a look at the stories, they are so helpful, covering diversity as a whole. 

My video below is about how my ADHD affected me at work and what came from the masking and not knowing what was going on. It is 8mins long and an honest recount. 

If your job is affected by your Neurodiversity, you could qualify for the grant and I can Coach you or Co-Coach with your line manager, so you can work better. 

Access To Work is a UK government programme that grants up to £62,900 per annum to support people with a physical or mental health condition or disability to take up or stay at work. Getting an Access to Work grant won’t affect any other benefits you receive, and you won’t need to repay it back.

You or your employer may need to pay some costs upfront & claim them back later.

Please email me with any requirements and for costings.

I currently work with large media companies, full of Neurodivergents.

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