Want less Chaos for your little one? Children need to feel comfortable about having emotions, learning which ones help or harm their minds.

Most children, whether they have neurological differences or not, will need to process their emotions, (think E-Motion: Energy in Motion) especially when they’re young. If they are confused or ashamed about how their feelings get them into trouble, they may stop talking and internalise everything which we don’t want.

Teaching SELF COMPASSION is key to making your child feel happier about who they are. Making children aware of how their own brains might start to throw out coping mechanisms, can save them from many problems in the future. These can include:  Perfectionism, People Pleasing, Giving Up, Not Accepting Criticism…..

"Mel has a way of getting my child to talk and he really loves her weekly sessions. He realises that he has this amazing brain nowadays, worries less and has chosen new friends he feels safe and more accepted by "

  • Does your child have few friends and seems to be overlooked when it comes to social events or parties, it can be heartbreaking to see them excluded. 
  • Are they unable to focus at school or get into trouble regularly as a result of their emotions and then not understand what they did wrong?
  • Neurodiverse Girls go under the radar, as tests were based on boys. They might seem dreamy, emotional, chatty, bright but lacking in emotional regulation.

Sometimes, accepting your child might have or is diagnosed with ADHD or Autism is hard. Creating strategies and coping mechanisms to thrive, in spite of it will be the turning point. I urge you to really look at how you interact with them. You as the adults, will need to improve your interactions and change how you act/react.

Look at how you deal with failing at things, people laughing, being flexible, change, socialising, not doing things perfectly – Neurodiversity is Genetic remember. As their role model, show them how you only treat yourself with compassion. Unmask in front of them and talk about emotions and let them see you for who you really are. Build in mistakes, so they see how you react to things going wrong. Change up plans, so they become more emotionally resilient. Try different things.

Parenting is overwhelming, emotional, exhausting work most days. Let Coaching make it easier for all of you involved. Contact me for a FREE Discovery Call. 

Would your SCHOOL be interested in me coaching your pupils (large or small groups), parents or staff? Lessons in emotions are so important. Why not run a regular session they look forwards to, with topics such as Self Esteem, Sensitivity to Rejection, Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, Masking as a Clown etc..