Neurodiversity types

ADHD Awareness month is October 24. Mel Sims, an ICF Accredited Coach with ADHD herself (diagnosed at 48), will be talking about what goes on.

Lymington Community Centre – Gates Hall – ALL WELCOME –  Tuesday 1st October. Doors open at 6:30 for 7-8.30pm. Bar open. Pls click HERE for tickets at £5 each for adults and children.

If you would like me to come and talk at your organisation, school or college please email me. 80 people + came to each of the 3 spring events.

Mel Sims will be hosting local talks in and around The New Forest, Hampshire, focussing on the positives and negatives of having a brain which is wired differently: ADHD, Autism ( that now includes Aspergers), Dyslexia, Dysbraxia, Discalculia, Tourettes, with room for overlap too!

Imagine until the age of 10, ND kids receive 4-5 negative messages daily, due to their different brains and what that does for your self esteem? Receiving this feedback undiagnosed means there is no explanation and can make you believe you are useless, broke, stupid, lazy or even crazy…

Curious to know what Neurodiversity is about? Your interest could relate to your children, partner or yourself, or for information purposes as teachers of ND students or employers (do you know about Access to Work Funding?) and how to get the best out of your ND staff. We can gain so much from understanding.

The talks will be non judgemental spaces for all ages where I will talk openly about life with my own ADHD, my diagnosis at 48 and how I now Coach people to live more happily with it. We will talk about how we find it harder to regulate our emotions, attention and time and how it doesn’t go away but we can learn strategies, 

These are accessible venues with toilets. There will be refreshments available and plenty of time for questions and answers. Suggestion – Bring a pen & paper.