Be Honest - What would you really like to start or stop feeling?

Imagine walking through an overgrown field with brambles and nettles. Rewalk the path and in no time they will flatten down and not sting your legs or affect you. In no time the path will become a less challenging path to walk through and you might forget there were ever nettles growing there. Your paths in your own brain, known as Neural Pathways, are no different to real paths we walk along. They can be improved and changed through Coaching and Awareness by strengthening your Mind Muscle. We call this Neuroplasticity.

99% of the Harm around you is caused in your head, remember – YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS.                                                                                            You are simply an observer. BE AWARE THAT YOUR OWN AWARENESS CAN START TO CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS.

So let’s improve your Self Awareness and I will show you new ways of thinking to be more resilient. Then when negative patterns appear, you can identify how they are harming you and control them. Even the most positive people have negative thoughts, but it is what you do with them that makes the difference.

Life Coaching allows you to take control over your feelings & emotions, which can negatively hold you back from your desires and goals in life. What would you really like to do if you had permission to do anything? If no one got hurt or angry and you were not worried about letting anyone down what could happen?

So, if you have been pretending that everything is OK, but it isn’t, or you keep getting the same undesired outcome – let’s chat, as you hold all the information already to transform your life. Different to Counselling, Coaching starts from a place where you are OK already, but want to be better & happier and ditch unhelpful thoughts which are holding you back. We will not spend time going over what happened in your past but how you felt and notice thought patterns.

As with your body, you have to practice everything a few times, to become better. It is the same with laying down neural pathways in your brain. So, when you realise you deserve a happier life, starting now, I am here to give you that space, judgement free. Here is a great, quick example to show you.

Have you got a pet? Do you tell it that its fur looks horrible, it barks in an ugly way and it is stupid and noone loves it? Of course you don’t! You need to talk to yourself the way you do to your pet – with care and love.